Q4 is here and it’s time to start planning your 2020 MedSpa marketing strategy. Your digital marketing strategy could amount to the success or failure of your business. Let’s face it, you are missing out on opportunities and clients if your practice is not using a strategic marketing plan and your competitors are. If you are wondering what a well-crafted marketing campaign for your med spa looks like,  here is our opinion for a winning digital marketing strategy for y.

At SC Media Group, we are experts in our field of digital marketing and marketing strategies for med spas. We believe a MedSpa marketing campaign is made up of many different components. For example, we like to incorporate custom branding, targeted SEO, paid search campaigns, organic & paid social media, and email and text marketing strategies.

Know your Audience and Competition

No matter where you are in the world, aesthetic treatments like Botox, fillers, and laser body contouring are in demand. In order to stand out from the rest, it’s essential to know your market. Being in the know about potential clients’ interests and demographics can enable you to market directly and in a targeted way. However, it is also just as important to know your competitors. Familiarize yourself with your local competition, their marketing strategies, and their target audience. It will help you develop a more strategic med spa marketing campaign that includes proven SEO, paid search, email, text, and social media marketing ideas.

Website & Search Engine Optimization

If a potential client is interested in a service you offer, one of the first places they go is to Google. It is crucial that clients are easily able to find your website on popular search engines like Bing or Google and that you are in the rankings for popular keyword phrases in your area. A great website will lead to good rankings. Good rankings mean more business for your MedSpa. Using proven SEO strategies coupled with a cohesive web design experience will bring in new people and keep them coming back.

Here is a list of some key elements to a great med spa website:

• User-friendly
• Easy on the eyes and easy to read
• Provides a full list and description of services offered
• Highlights your top treatments
• Includes detailed, optimized pages for all of your services
• Showcases patient testimonials and before & after pictures
• Provides users easy access to your social media accounts
• Gives clear and to the point information about your practice, location and hours of operation
• Shows off your specials and competitive rates
• Includes a blog or news section allowing users to get your expert perspective on aesthetic treatments and trends
• Stands out from competitor websites

Paid Search

By enhancing your med spa marketing campaign with pay per click (PPC), you can expect calls and online requests from new patients immediately. PPC is the cornerstone of marketing for all of your treatments and procedures that your practice offers. While SEO market strategy for med spas can bring in more long-term results, med spa marketing with PPC can be beneficial to your facility instantaneously. PPC targets your potential clients the correct way and the best part is that you won’t be charged unless patients show interest and actually click on your ad. Another perk is that paid search campaigns are directly targeted to consumers who are interested in the services you offer, so you don’t have to hope the right audience sees your ad. PPC gives you the best chance at gaining new clientele in the shortest amount of time by going straight to the source.

Social Media Marketing

It is important for medical spa marketing strategies to include social media marketing for many reasons. Over 3.5 million posts on Instagram can be found under the #botox tag and over half a million under #lipfillers. With a boost in non-invasive treatments, many patients begin looking for a provider via popular social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook.
As more patients turn to social media searching for results of potential procedures and treatments, highlighting the results of your practice can provide can be paramount to your marketing strategy. Social media platforms can also give practitioners the opportunity to directly interact with their current and potential patients. Digital marketing for med spas should include using social media to implement features like stories or live Q&As, so you can answer current and prospective patient’s questions about your services. Since your consumers use social media on a daily basis, this will provide unique advertising opportunities. Social media ads allow you not only to reach potential consumers but to increase awareness and following surrounding your brand.

Utilize Text and Email

Text and email marketing are crucial to ensuring that your med spa keeps its patients. Utilizing email and text allows you to have direct, organized contact with your clients that lets you keep them up to date on the latest treatments, promotions, and events your med spa is offering. This marketing strategy can act as a good reminder for patient appointments or to follow up on treatments.

How Marketing Experts Can Grow Your Med Spa

Without potential patients even stepping foot into your facility, let them experience the difference that your med spa offers. You can give your clients a glimpse at what your med spa is all about by generating great content for social media, your website, and other outlets. However, we know your job as a physician, nurse, aesthetician, or med spa owner keeps you busy and balancing a business and marketing campaign can be difficult. Let SC Media Group do the work for you! We can take the stress off of you and your business by creating a medspa marketing campaign for you to get the results that you want. Unlike other marketing companies, we are familiar with your treatments and services and share a passion for growing your business. Give us a call today to learn more about our unique approach to medspa marketing services and witness the growth in your practice immediately.


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