As a business owner, there are many options to choose from when building a website. The question is, which one is best for your business? With free options available, do you really need to pay a professional designer to create a website for you? The short answer……YES!!! Developing a custom web design for your business should not be seen as an expense, but as a smart investment that will help your business grow. Here are 5 reasons why every business owner should invest in a custom website.

1) Stand out from competitors – Using a theme or template can make your brand seem bland and uninspiring. Not to mention your competition can buy the same exact theme and use it for their business. Custom web designs stand out from the norm and help build a presence of quality and professionalism that is needed in today’s competitive online space. Each design is one-of-a-kind, so no need to worry about your competition stealing your template.

2) Clean code – While there are some well-coded themes available, the majority of them are overloaded with unnecessary code that affects loading speed and overall performance. Themes often reliant on third-party plugins and heavy javascript. This makes them adaptable for many different businesses, but not YOUR business. A custom website is hand-coded to ensure a lightweight infrastructure resulting in faster loading times and a simplified administrative experience. Faster loading times not only make your visitors happy – but also search engines.

3) Customer-focused – Customers are the backbone of every business. A website that does not cater to your customer’s needs can often lead to poor results. Template websites often fail to meet these needs because they are not focused on your specific business model. Custom web design allows for a unique user experience that inspires and leads customers to the appropriate call-to-action. Whether the goal is to get more calls, build your mailing list, or increase web inquires, a custom web design creates a seamless flow for each.

4) Direct relationship with the developer – When you purchase an off-the-shelf template you are at the mercy of the template designer. This can be an overseas developer who no longer wishes to update the template with the latest core updates of WordPress. When this happens, your website can break and you may be unable to get the support you need. With a custom web design, you are in direct contact with the developer so if any maintenance or customization is required, it’s not a problem.

5) Better mobile experience – While many templates work on mobile devices, most are not optimized for mobile. They typically follow the “standard-responsive” protocol and lack the features that make for an excellent mobile experience. With a custom web design, the designer will often create a separate interface that is dedicated for mobile users. This allows for better user experience and a clearer call-to-action.

It’s clear that custom websites offer a variety of advantages over theme websites. Deciding whether a custom website is right for your business can be a tough decision for many business owners. If you would like to learn more about the advantages of custom web designs, feel free to reach out to us.



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